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Feb 3, 2023

In today's episode we continue our discussion of how to invest in your children while young for the best chance of long-term success with a primary focus on conceiving the healthiest baby and nurturing his best possible outcomes in utero and at birth.


Feb 2, 2023

I've long promoted investing in your children at an early age, believing that money spent on them while young returns far higher than money spent at a later age. In this series I will tell you how to actually do that.



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Jan 27, 2023

On today's Friday Q&A we cover:

  • 1:55 Why should I hire a financial professional if I can do it myself?
  • 11:29 How do I educate myself about real estate?
  • 13:42 What's the best ereader to use?
  • 33:22 How do I plan a rental portfolio for demographic changes.
  • 44:40 Should I live close to extended family?
  • 1:13:51 What's great...