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Friday Q&A today:

  • 2:10 - Free resource for end-of-the-year planning: www.yearcompass.com

  • 3:00 - How aggressive should I be in scaling up my real estate company?

  • 22:15 - Should I rollover my 401(k) and 403(b) to an IRA

  • 35:30 - Should I put my child into kindergarten at an early age?

  • 43:44 - Should I deduct my early stage business expenses now or later?

  • 47:14 - What should I do with a $600,000 inheritance

  • 1:06:00 - Should I participate in my 457(b) plan?

  • 1:06:41 - I want to leave my $225k corporate job to be a full-time trader. How can I do it faster?

  • 1:20:45 - Should we keep our old house as a rental?

  • 1:34:38 - Should I participate in my company‚Äôs mega-backdoor-Roth?

  • 1:45:20 - Should I move my $1M brokerage account offshore?

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