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Text of House Dems Proposal

@CPAPlanner's tweetstorm on the proposal

How Peter Thiel Saved $5 Billion Tax Free #PassportSheats

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Biden wants IRS to snoop into your bank account, know when you have $600 or more

Biden Tax Plan Leans on Banks to Help Find Unreported Income
The proposal would require banks to report annual account inflows and outflows to the Internal Revenue Service

White House Fact Sheet: The American Families Plan

Department of the Treasury: General Explanations of the Administration’s Fiscal Year 2022 Revenue Proposals

Elizabeth Warren's S.1788 - Restoring the IRS Act



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Today we discuss:

  • 1:30 My landlord has Stage 4 cancer and wants me to buy his house. Should I do it?
  • 15:30 Should I start an S-Corp to save on taxes?
  • 24:39 How can I learn to be a lighter traveler?
  • 33:33 How can I enhance my international diversification?
  • 46:43 How much net worth should you invest into a single project?
  • 1:04:30 How can I increase my income?

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