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Dec 27, 2023

This audio was recorded as part of a recent Friday Q&A show, just before Christmas. There were two callers, but I made an error in my analysis in answering the first question, so I have excised that call from the show. But I think you'll enjoy this call dealing with how to save up money for a house.



Dec 15, 2023

On today's Friday Q&A we discuss:

  • 1:35 Internationalization for Europeans
  • 14:48 How to record audiobooks for your children
  • 23:17 Should I buy a Whole Life Insurance policy?
  • 53:11 Should I buy a business or start my own?
  • 1:04:40 Is Joshua still worried about famine?
  • 1:09:35 Should I learn two languages at the same...

Dec 8, 2023

On today's Q&A show we discuss:

1:51 What are the first three resources I should use to learn spanish
12:32 How should I transfer my money into the USA?
16:32 What do I do with an unexpected windfall?
20:48 How do I find a good tax preparer for my real estate business?
30:45 Should I sell my old rental house tax free or...