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605-Asset Protection Planning for Mere Mortals - Part 4 - Understanding the Litigation Process and Vectors of Financial Attack

It's Friday! That means live Q&A:

  • Healthcare Sharing Ministries and Their Maximum Limits
  • Health Savings Accounts and HCSMs
  • What To Do With An Inheritance When You're in Debt




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In this episode of the podcast we tackle these two questions:

  • Is it legal to engage in asset protection planning?
  • Is it moral to engage in asset protection planning?

Short answer? Yes and yes. If that's enough for you, just skip listening to this episode. But if you'd like a bit more texture to the discussion, enjoy the podcast for a discussion of the legality and morality of asset protection planning.


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I love the topic of asset protection planning. It's super interesting to me.

But my observation is, like most topics, people involved in the business talk about what they can sell. The lawyers talk about corporations and trusts because they sell them. The insurance agents talk about life insurance and annuities because they sell them.

Since I don't sell that stuff, I think about you and what I think can help you.

And in today's show, I want to give you a simple starting place: think about your assets and think about the risk you're trying to protect them from. Then make your plans.

Details in the show.



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Here's the complete answer that you need to know if you should pay off debt or invest.

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As many U.S. Americans engage in vigorous political debate today and follow with their vote, I want to share a story with you that I hope will help you to appreciate the richness of political peace. Not everyone in the world has it as good as you and I have it. But, as we vigorously debate political issues, it's easy to miss the blessing of the underlying framework of peace and prosperity that we enjoy.

Enjoy this personal story.


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Audio taken from: https://youtu.be/uj8f7ycnUtU


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John Taylor Gatto has died. My voice has also died. So rather than leaving you bereft of new shows, I decided to share a few Gatto files to encourage you to invest your education dollars well.

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