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Sep 28, 2023

What the Young Man Should Know by Robert Littell, from the March 1933 issue of Harper's Magazine

Sep 25, 2023

1:30 How to decide to fix up or sell a house

14:36 Are Christian Healthcare Sharing Ministry share payments tax-deductible?

20:20 How should husbands and wives approach their financial discussions?

40:23 Does Joshua still love

1:11:49 Does Joshua still love


Enjoy the...

Sep 15, 2023

On today's Q&A show we discuss:

  • 00:54 How do I wrestle with the tension between time in my business and time with my children?
  • 29:57 How can I structure the offerings of my new consulting business?
  • 39:57 How do I start a lifestyle business?
  • 57:49 Miscellaneous questions on 529 accounts.
  • 1:08:13 My uncle wants to give a...