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In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I've been considering how you and I (not being in Ukraine or Russia) could be affected in days to come.

Here's a rather sobering discussion from me covering some of the possibilities.

In light of the Russia/Ukraine conflict, we need to pay careful to the lessons we can learn from the pain that our fellow humans are experiencing.

Today's lesson: believe that bad things can happen. To you.


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It's Friday! Today we discuss:

  • 1:33 How do I establish myself in a new remote-only work environment?
  • 10:03 How can I become a teacher for a new career?
  • 18:28 How should I balance on-going support vs ad hoc donations?
  • 23:45 How can I invest my money in a righteous way?
  • 44:10 Should I save money for mystery special needs children?
  • 51:08 How should I use ereaders in my homeschool?
  • 1:12:34 Where should I go to get an offshore bank account?
  • 1:23:43 How much of my cash should I move into commodities?

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One year ago my family spoke no French. Today, one year later, my 8-year-old son is reading at his grade level in French.

In today's podcast I'll explain the tools and techniques I used to accomplish this in hopes of inspiring you and helping in your similar projects.


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The Canadian government has made some shocking changes this week. They provide some very important lessons for you and me.