Radical Personal Finance

Live Friday Q&A:

  • 2:00 Do I stick out my job and current career because it's profitable and comfortable or do I pivot to something new while I'm young?
  • 16:20 Should I do Infinite Banking as part of my retirement plan?
  • 38:40 Should I go to college?
  • 59:10 My 79-year-old father needs income. What should he invest in?

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Listen to 227-The Five Benefits of College and Radical Ways to Exploit Them

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Increasing your language skills can help your brain, your social life, and your wallet. In today's show, I give you some tools I have found to be useful in my own foreign language studies.


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This episode was first published in May 1, 2017. It's important. Please listen.


If you get arrested, you can kiss anywhere from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars good-bye.

You need insurance against that eventuality.

Today, I'm going to teach you why it's vitally important that you arrest-proof yourself and how to do it.


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