Radical Personal Finance

1:30 How does Joshua use YNAB on a daily basis?
17:30 How has the pursuit of privacy cost you?
30:30 Should I have kept my inherited property as separate property instead of community property?
43:00 How can I get started prepping?

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I'd like to invite you to meet up with me on Tuesday, September 3 in Washington, DC, USA. If you'd like to connect, please email me and I'll give you all the details.

Email me: joshua at radical personal finance dot com.


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It seems like many of the prominent voices in the FIRE movement are single individuals or childless couples. But many of us have children or want to have children. Does that mean that we will fail in our attempts to become Financially Independent? Are you doomed to choose between FIRE or children?

Today, I'll give you my answers. (Spoiler: you can FIRE and have children too!)


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We live in interesting times. It seems that most of us could list off several things that our government does with our tax money that we find offensive. But how should Christians deal with the morality of having their tax money used to support immoral activity? Should Christians participate in tax strikes and tax protests?


A listener wrote in and essentially asked, "Why is Joshua so anti-tax?" So, I thought I'd give that question a crack for you.


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I want you to use more cash so you can get richer, faster.


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I want you to understand the basic problem with debt so that you'll be prepared to avoid it.


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I've talked a lot about education over the years...in this episode I'll tell you what we're doing with our children and talk about some philosophies that have been influential on me. And I'll tell you what I got wrong in the past.


There is a natural symbiosis between prepping and mainstream financial planning. Here's why.


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