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Apr 30, 2024

We wrapped up a phenomenal inaugural RPF Family Camp a couple of weeks ago and I want to give you a personal report. I hope to see you at the next one!

Apr 26, 2024

On today's Friday Q&A show we discuss:

  • 1:27 Should we pass our children through a grueling gauntlet of work and study to build character and work ethic in them?
  • 36:00 Should we take drugs (either actual or get-rich-quick schemes) to get faster results?
  • 51:23 Should we get plastic surgery to be more appealing to...

Apr 23, 2024

The IRS whistleblower was caught and imprisoned. That's great news. But the problem doesn't go away. 

Apr 19, 2024

In today's Friday Q&A Show we discuss:

  • 1:30 How could an expectant mother build a financial model as for when it makes sense for her to leave her job to be a full-time mother?
  • 18:05 A listener's real story of an international snow bird adventure in South Africa
  • 31:45 How should I tithe on the growth of my...