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Millions of students are sitting at home wasting their time watching online courses for measly high school credit. That's dumb.

Why not just go ahead and get an online bachelor's degree instead?

In today's show, I'll tell you how.



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In today's Q&A we discuss:

  • 1:30 How can we equity strip a house in preparation for divorce?
  • 13:17 Should I buy more whole life insurance if I'm planning to take a sabbatical in 6-8 years?
  • 49:21 Are affirmations useful for personal development?
  • 1:15:00 Should I be worried about leaving my home place in the current emergency?

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Moving is an extremely effective—albeit disruptive—way to improve certain aspects of your life, both financially and personally.

All over the world there are millions of people who understand very clearly that if they can simply move to a country with a healthier, more robust economy.

But what country do you choose?

For hundreds of thousands of people, Canada is an obvious solution.

Today I've invited Brandon Miller, owner of Maple Immigration on to the show to discuss immigration into Canada.

We speak about immigration broadly and then specifically with regard to Canada.



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Friday Q&A:

  • 1:30 What steps can I take to protect my privacy and assets as I get into real estate investing?
  • 17:22 Should I take an early $100,000 IRA distribution due to the CARES Act?
  • 24:30 WWJD if his global trip were cut short and he were trying to build an online business?
  • 44:00 How can I build a sideline bee business that my children can help me with?
  • 1:02:00 How can we reconcile the value of being a modern nomad with the value of local community?

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