Radical Personal Finance

It's Friday! Today, I have a Question and Answer show for you and I've decided to handle a bunch of your questions. I felt like I cheated you last week by only answering 3 questions.

  1. (6:27) How do I calculate a portfolio distribution amount that retains 50% of my portfolio at my death?
  2. (20:31) Is it ok to keep money in cash or do I need to invest right away to start getting compound interest?
  3. (40:21) How do I rebalance my accounts to get a proper bond allocation?
  4. (52:28) Should I pre-pay my mortgage in a lump sum or should I invest the money and then make extra monthly contributions?
  5. (1:02:12) I have an unpaid medical bill and CC debt. What do I do?
  6. (1:12:04) How do I apply the trivium method to a new job?
  7. (1:30:01) Any tricks for how I can pay for a big dental bill in a better way?
  8. (1:42:25) How do I figure out whether I should switch custodians for my investment accounts?




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