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The New York Times recently published a story on the analysis of President Trump's tax returns. 

Allegedly, Trump has not paid any income taxes in 10 out of the last 15 years.

In today's podcast I analyze the financial planning behind the details in the article and teach you how you can use the same techniques Trump uses to shelter his income from taxes.


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On today's Friday Q&A show:

  • 1:03 I have a low-paying job while in college. How can I get a better job?
  • 18:22 What name should I use for my online activities?
  • 32:06 How do I actually take income from an investment portfolio in retirement?
  • 49:23 I'm leaving California for Central America; where should I go?
  • 1:11:50 I'm moving to Florida; what kind of hurricane planning do I need to do?
  • 1:17:50 I'm worried about my exposure to USD. How can I hedge my bets?
  • 1:22:54 I'm moving from California to Texas. What should I consider in the process?
  • 1:35:27 I'm starting a new business that might fail; how can I protect my assets?
  • 1:51:21 Should I pay off my mortgage?

To join me next week, go to https://patreon.com/RadicalPersonalFinance 

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Billionaire Churck Feeney has recently finished giving away his entire $8 billion fortune.

In today's show, we'll talk about whether you should copy him and how you could do it.


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It's Friday! Today we cover:

  • 00:48 How to get a raise at your job

  • 11:55 Should I classify a 2nd house as an investment property or a second home?

  • 25:30 Do I get a better deal on my mortgage by classifying a house as a second home?

  • 31:15 How do I solve the tension between saving money and giving money?



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Friday Q&A show! Today we discuss:

  • 00:30 Contractor status or employee status?
  • 31:00 What happens with our money when interest rates go negative?
  • 43:21 Is it really a good idea to have lots of cash on hand?
  • 1:03:30 How should I set up an emergency escape vehicle to get out of California wildfires?
  • 1:17:31 I used a life insurance loan as a down payment for my house; what do I do now?
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In March, things looked really bleak. But the stock market recovered in a spectacular 5-month period.

Did we get it wrong? Do we regret anything we did?


All of the news these days on coronavirus is positive. Is this a glimmer of the beginning of the end?

Although we certainly expect many more people to get sick with COVID-19 and some to die, I think it is.

I'll tell you why.


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