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Nov 13, 2020

Live Friday Q&A today!

  • 1:45 The future of cryptocurrency and associated tax questions

  • 24:48 Should an early retiree set up a guaranteed income stream?

  • 37:18 Will I owe tax if I’m moving around working as a digital nomad?

  • 45:52 How can I invest in my children without messing up my simple cashflow system?

  • 56:58 Should I invest in a Biblically Responsible mutual fund

  • 1:12:38 Where can I put my real estate down payment money to get a bit more interest?

  • 1:21:15 Joshua’s current advice for existing podcasters

  • 1:37:16 Should I set up a corporation for my business or keep running it as a sole proprietorship?

  • 1:46:45 If it’s ok to take welfare, why not make a class teaching people how to get it?