Radical Personal Finance

Today, we have a really fun Q&A for you! I hope you enjoy!

Here are the questions I answer:

  • 2:25 If I have the cash, should I pay cash for a house or invest it?
  • 17:13 Should I use my Coverdell ESA to speculate on early-stage biotech stocks?
  • 28:05 Should a physician try to continue a private practice with a partial ownership interest or take a full-time hospital job?
  • 40:38 How can I account for the business deductions in my side business?
  • 49:40 Is multi-family, multi-generational living a good idea?
  • 1:03:40 What do I need to know about disability income insurance?
  • 1:26:03 Which college expenses can I pay for out of my 529 account?
  • 1:33:27 Why do I use different inflation rates on calculations?
  • 1:39:26 What kind of account can I use to gift money to my nephew?




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